Get Involved

Lets make this a mass mobilisation that is impossible to ignore. Lets get all the diverse communities that make up our food system onto the streets; farmers, foresters, fishers, and other land-based workers; bakers, butchers, chefs and other food processors; grocers, distributors and those working throughout the supply chain; campaigners and activists, nurses and public health workers, all those who love food and the soil beneath our feet. On mass lets take to the streets!

Stuff to do:

  • Come to the march on the 5th of October and encourage your friends, family and co-workers to join us too.

  • After the march join us for food and great band playing for free at the Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, SE1 9PH

  • Come to the movement building workshops at the Bargehouse on Friday the 4th of October to help build the narratives for ecological justice.

  • If you have an idea for a workshop, please email a proposal to the contact details on this website. Please keep this to 200 words of less.

  • Help promote the march on social media. Watch this space for details on this...


We are a coalition of groups calling to transform our food system. We want everyone to have access to healthy, affordable  food, produced from sustainable farming systems that mitigate the environmental crisis that we face. 


T: 07702810555