Workshop Programme

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Here is a list of sessions programmed:

How could new trade deals affect environmental and animal welfare regulations?

Speakers: Nick Palmer

Organisation: Compassion in World Farming

Description: An introduction into the possible implications of post-Brexit trade deals with the United States and other countries.


Diverse Seed to Adapt to Climate Change

Speakers: Ellen Rigby, Page Dykstra, Andrea Sanders, Peter Brinch

Organisation: The Gaia Foundation and Lampeter Seed Library

Seed sovereignty is vitally important for resilient agriculture, come find out why and learn about practical ways you can get involved whether you grow on an allotment, in a market garden or on an arable farm.


Connecting the farming community with Extinction Rebellion


Speakers: Nills Agger

Organisation: XR Farmers

Description: Extinction Rebellion (XR) is organising a second iteration of nonviolent rebellion on the streets of London in October, how can this connect with and engage the farming community?


Genetically Modified Britain: What Brexit, Boris and the Biotech Lobby mean for our food and our farms


Speakers: Liz O’Neill

Organisation: GM Freeze

Description: Twenty years on from a set of key campaign victories, the regulations that have kept the use of genetic modification (GM) in UK food and farming tightly contained are now more vulnerable than ever.


Fighting for fairer trade in a climate crisis


Organisation: Fairtrade Foundation

Speakers: Esperanza Dionisio and Adam Gardner

 Description: What has the The Fairtrade Mark achieved in international supply chains, and what does the future hold for the movement, in the context of the climate crisis.


For ecological justice, should the food system go vegan? 


Organisations: Landworkers Alliance, XR Farmers and Animal Rebellion

Description: The question of whether we should remove animals from agricultural systems and go vegan is a pressing one for both the food justice and climate justice movements. Join us for the debate.


Deforestation and land use change in the Amazon


Organisation: Greenpeace

Speakers:  Chiara Vitali and Juman Kubba

Description: Greepeace will share news and stories of their latest campaign against deforestation and land use change in the Amazon. 


Understanding Carbon Cycles 


Organisation: Pasture Fed Livestock Association

Speaker: Dave Stanley

Description: Understanding livestock and pasture’s role in mitigating climate change and enhancing/reinstating ecosystems through their interaction with soil. 


Building the National Food Service


Organisation: The National Food Service

Speakers: Elliott Woodhouse & Sean Roy Parker

Description: Food is a basic human right and yet in this country around 500,000 people are reliant on food banks. Food poverty is affecting our health and is affecting children’s quality of life and education. Food production is also critical to climate change processes and can be a tool through which we combat the destruction of our planet.

Research in sustainable agriculture and climate change

Speaker: Nicole J Kennard

Description: An overview of the contribution agriculture has on climate change, as well as the risk climate change imposes on agriculture and food security. 

From charitable food surplus redistribution towards preventing food wastage 


Speakers: Charlie Spring and Rene Meijer

Description: We will reflect on our experiences and research into surplus food redistribution in the UK in recent years. 

We Feed the World for the UK food sovereignty movement


Speakers: Georgie Styles

Description: We Feed the World is a photography initiative led by The Gaia Foundation, this session will explore how it can assist the food sovereignty movement and support communities through art and collaboration. 


We are a coalition of groups calling to transform our food system. We want everyone to have access to healthy, affordable  food, produced from sustainable farming systems that mitigate the environmental crisis that we face. 


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